Mery  "Explosive"  Engine - Description & Pricing

Ralph Wilam's Mery engine
Ralph Wilam built this excellent example of a 1/4 scale Mery engine from our kit (photo by Carl Carlsen)

Castings in Kit Mery Explosive Engine (c. 1895) Model Casting Kit:
     The Mery Explosive Engine is a truely unique and beautiful replica of the double acting gas engine patented by Michael Mery in 1895. Envision a spark plug and combustion chamber on both sides of a single piston - similar to a double acting steam engine. The Mery is a 6 cycle engine, acheiving smooth power equivalent to a two cylinder engine, yet having only one cylinder. This set of engine castings comes with detailed drawings and comprehensive instructions allowing the builder to construct a beautiful model of this turn-of-the-century engine. The engine is intended to run on illuminating gas and must have cooling water circulated through it. A number of these replica engines have been built and run. The engine features a 1.25 inch bore, 3.25 inch stroke, a 10.5 inch flywheel, and is approximately 1/4 scale.
     Films of the Mery Engine in operation, online: the only full size engine in existence and one of our completed scale models.
     Included in the kit are complete, large scale drawings, 15 iron, 1 aluminum and 5 silicon bronze castings, including the name tags. We replaced the original iron base casting with one of aluminum. Castings are designed with the machinist in mind:
 *   The body casting has machined positioning pads to assist in machining support legs parallel with crosshead bore;
 *   Parts which require a Left and Right are cast together so the casting can easily be held and aligned while machining and cut
     apart when completed;
 *   All iron castings are fully annealed and roto blasted to ensure ease of machining.
Machine tools and machining experience are required to complete this truly handsome engine. Approx. 24"L x 7½"W x 12"H.

printer  Printable Mery Order Form
PRICE: $725 for the castings kit, including shipping within the USA.
Partially or fully machined kits are available. Please inquire.
Please see Mery Order Form for overseas shipping - the engine kit weighs approximately 35 lbs