Pattern Making Services


The name of our business is Martin Model & Pattern and the business started in part because of our ability to create quality patterns. Our 30+ years of making custom patterns, and teaching others this demanding skill on a community college level, are grounded in these basic requirements for a pattern maker:


A comprehensive knowledge of liquid metals and their flow characteristics.


A comprehensive understanding of all casting methods and their applications, such as sand, lost wax, shell, etc.


An evaluation of the part based on the casting method, and from that evaluation a determination of the pattern and core(s).


Good mechanical knowledge and the ability to do three dimensional visualization.

We apply this knowledge and these skills to our patterns on a daily basis

Our typical experiences in castings range from 25 grams to 25 tons. We have sucessfully created patterns for castings in excess of 50,000 lbs.

We have worked with a number of clients and foundaries and you will find a listing of some of them under "CLIENTS" on our "LINKS" page. You may enquire of them for references.

Lead times are, of course, negotiable. You may contact us via email, telephone, or fax from the "CONTACT" page tab above



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