Flywheel Castings

Martin Model has the largest selection of model engine flywheels in the world, stocking about 50 sizes and styles from 1" diameter to 11" diameter ready for immediate shipment.

We also have a number of patterns from 12" diameter up to 65" diameter for larger models and full size engines of many kinds. Allow approximately 4-8 weeks from order for casting and shipping.

We are able to make custom wheels of any size - and wheels with special features, such as bosses, counterweights or elongated hubs - according to your specific requirements. Inquire for estimate of lead time for delivery of customized wheels.


All Flywheels are sold and shipped as cast from the foundry and will require machining prior to use. This requires turning on a lathe and boring the center hole to the proper shaft diameter. 

All stock Martin Model flywheels are gray cast iron and fully annealed for ease in machining. Wheels are also available in aluminum or silicon bronze. Aluminum flywheels are the same price as iron; bronze flywheels are approximately 1 ½ to 2 times the cost of iron and both must be special ordered. There may also be a minimum number of flywheels ordered to meet foundry requirements.

All in-stock sizes are shipped in U.S. Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. Cost of shipping ranges from $6 to $16, including insurance and is not dependent upon weight of box. Martin Model will pack the maximum number of parts into the smallest possible box to minimize the shipping cost per unit.

Upon request, packages may be sent by other carriers.

If you don't see the flywheel you are looking for, please use our printable pdfs to place an order