Quorn Mk I Casting Set

Quorn Mk I Casting Set

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The Quorn Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder is a superb addition to any work shop needing to sharpen not only lathe tools, but milling cutters, broaching tools, reamers, and even drill bits.

Originally designed by the late Professor D. H. Chaddock in England, this extremely versatile tool handsomely repays the enjoyable hours required to build.There are two different versions of the Quorn: the MK-I and the MK-II. The MK-I (as seen at left) is the earlier version and is designed for motors with foot or side mounting. This unit was built by Reg Ingold and the mounting table contains a handy drawer to store the accessories and sharpening/grinding wheels.

The MK-II is designed for flange or face mounting motors. The MK-II also has the addition of a guard over the belt. This guard and the two castings that make up the motor mount assembly are the only differences in the casting kits. The other 14 castings are identical in both casting kits.

When ordering, please order the book, drawings, and operators manual as needed. You can add each of these to the cart separately.