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The Mery "Explosive" Engine was a very unique design, originating from the machine shop and foundry of Mr. Michael Mery back in 1895. Located in Chico, CA, Mr. Mery patented his design around the main idea that it was best to completely purge the combustion chambers with clean air in between each charge and firing. It was on this premise that he added a 5th and 6th stroke to the newly established 4 stroke design in order to accomplish the task of purging the engine. Another unique feature of Mr. Mery's design, was to incorporate the "double acting" design already existing in most steam engines of the day, whereby both sides of the piston were used to produce power. To do this, Mr. Mery used the steam engine design of a crosshead between the connecting rod and piston. This allows the shaft to the piston to be sealed using a compressed packing or "Stuffing Box", creating the ability to have a second combustion chamber on the bottom side of the piston.

The Mery Explosive Engine is a truely unique and beautiful replica of the double acting gas engine patented by Michael Mery in 1895. Envision a spark plug and combustion chamber on both sides of a single piston - similar to a double acting steam engine. The Mery is a 6 cycle engine, acheiving smooth power equivalent to a two cylinder engine, yet having only one cylinder. This set of engine castings comes with detailed drawings and comprehensive instructions allowing the builder to construct a beautiful model of this turn-of-the-century engine. The engine is intended to run on illuminating gas and must have cooling water circulated through it. A number of these replica engines have been built and run. The engine features a 1.25 inch bore, 3.25 inch stroke, a 10.5 inch flywheel, and is approximately 1/4 scale.

Films of the Mery Engine in operation, online:

Included in the kit are complete, large scale drawings, 15 iron, 1 aluminum and 5 silicon bronze castings, including the name tags. We replaced the original iron base casting with one of aluminum. Castings are designed with the machinist in mind:
  • The body casting has machined positioning pads to assist in machining support legs parallel with crosshead bore;
  • Parts which require a Left and Right are cast together so the casting can easily be held and aligned while machining and cutapart when completed;
  • All iron castings are fully annealed and roto blasted to ensure ease of machining.Machine tools and machining experience are required to complete this truly handsome engine. Approx. 24"L x 7½"W x 12"H.
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PRICE: $725 for the castings kit, including shipping within the USA.
Partially or fully machined kits are available. Please inquire.Please see Mery Order Form for overseas shipping - the engine kit weighs approximately 35 lbs